Flow’EN Set

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Detox - complemento alimenticio

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Flow'EN - complemento alimenticio

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Vitamin C - complemento alimenticio

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Flow’EN Set

  • Flow’EN gel  - The cosmetic product in the form of a massage cooling gel developed and manufactured under pharmaceutical supervision. It contains a unique combination of natural ingredients betaescin, betaglucan and panthenol with a beneficial effect on the quality of the venous and lymphatic system. 
  • Flow'EN - food supplement - Revolutionary product for the protection of the vascular system that, thanks to its properties and technology of processing, highly exceeds similar products on the market. It contains standardised plant extracts in a suitable proportion – chestnut extract, black pepper and vitamin C. If used regularly, these natural active substances have a positive influence on the proper circulation of blood in veins and vascular capillaries. It contributes to the relief of the feeling of heavy legs.

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