Set of samples - Noir

450,00 Kč

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Kategori: 4 ELEMENTS

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ESSENS 4 elements Noir No.02 Candle

1 230,00 Kč

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ESSENS 4 elements Noir No.04 Candle

1 230,00 Kč

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ESSENS 4 elements Noir No.02 sample

55,00 Kč

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ESSENS 4 elements Noir No.04 sample

55,00 Kč

Stokta mevcut

Set of samples - Noir

Volume: 7 x 2ml

Seven perfume samples of 4 Elements NOIR by ESSENS in a luxury packaging.

The perfumes with a 20% content of fragrant essences will enchant you with their long-lasting scent, attract attention and emphasize the individuality of the ones who are wearing it.

Perfumes No. 1 and No. 7 are classified as for women.
The remaining five are unisex, so suitable for both men and women.

Manufacturer: ESSENS EUROPE SE, Zaoralova 3045/1e, 628 00 Brno


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